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Thank you for ordering your flowers from We would like to inform you that orders from this site are subject to the following terms and conditions :


  • Prices for delivery outside India are listed in the currency of the respective country and in Indian Rupees.
    All prices listed are in U.S. dollar and Indian Rupees for delivery in India.
  • All prices are inclusive of delivery.
  • Items used in all arrangements are subject to their availability. When an item is not available, the closest substitute of a similar value will be used.
  • Filling out of the order does not mean an order has been accepted, confirmation will be sent by us.
  • Please provide all details asked for in our order form so as to avoid an unnecessary delay.
  • Delivery time are from 9am to 5pm .
  • We deliver all 365 days of the year including Sundays and holidays.
  • In case of incomplete/incorrect address resulting in non-delivery, no refund is possible due to the perishable nature of the product and the infrastructure costs involved.
  • If the recipient is unavailable at the time of delivery the item will be handed over to a relative/neighbor/colleague unless otherwise specified
  • Refusal of item by the recipient is considered as a complete delivery. No refund will be possible.
  • Proof of delivery will be maintained for a duration of 1 month from the date of delivery.
  • Flowers cannot be delivered to p o. boxes.
  • All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of local Court only in Pune.
  • If we are unable to deliver your order, then complete refund will be made. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-delivery.
  • In case of any dispute the maximum amount claimed by the sender cannot exceed the value of the item ordered.
  • The owner of the site retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.
  • Delivery schedule varies between same day delivery to delivery within three business days depending on the destination city or town. In the event the item ordered cannot be delivered on the given date we reserve the right to deliver on next day.
    send flowers to In
    We will try to deliver flower arrangements as shown on the site, but at times it is practically not possible to replicate the same due to the nature of the flowers and seasonal constraints.

    Since all the flowers are not available in all the seasons and to make sure that your order is not delayed due to non-availability of a particular flower, we will substitute that particular flower with the flower of same or higher value.

    Like if you have ordered an arrangement of lilies and carnations and if the lilies are not available at that particular time, we will substitute lilies with either Anthuriums or Birds of Paradise or whichever other flower is available and is of the same or higher value. The design and the other aesthetics of the arrangements remaining the same.

    In smaller towns where the florists are not able to stock the flowers of high value due to the perishable nature and their limited resources, it is always recommended that you order items that are readily available all the time with them namely Roses, Tube Roses, Gladiolas and Gerberas. Moreover you can always email us before hand to enquire what is available in your desired destination in that season.

    Also we guarantees that all orders will be filled to the value in case the item ordered is not available. Our substitution policy will make sure that the size and shape of the arrangement remains the same and the value of the flowers substituted are either of same value or of greater value.

    To simplify this, the first priority is not to miss the occasion. The substitution policy is there to make sure that your flowers are delivered on the desired delivery date. In making substitutions, we take great care and consideration in replacing them with flowers that meet or exceed the expectations of both the sender and recipient.

    Our service providers are not only the best in their trade but are also creative and professional florists who recreate these designs based on their creative interpretation and of course seasonal and regional availability keeping in mind and paying careful attention to overall shape, size, style, and color combinations.

    If you don't want any substitution in your order, please ask beforehand about the particular flowers that are available in the city where you want the order to be delivered so that there is no disappointment or confusion later on.

    Cakes -

    Even though we strive to deliver the freshest quality cakes and of the same flavor as ordered but substitutions may be unavoidable depending on local availability and regional constrains. Specially when the order is for the same day or if delivery destination is of a small city where the bakeries are not so well equipped, the cakes may be substituted to ensure your order is delivered on the occasion it is desired for.

    Since the cakes are delivered by the local professional service providers from their respective city the icing and the topping may not be the same as per the image every where. Even though utmost care shall be taken by the bakery to maintain the overall shape, size and style to the best of their capability.

    In extremely warm weather conditions where there is a chance of a particular flavor of cake reaching the destination in a melted form, it may be substituted with other flavor so that the highest quality edibles are delivered to your recipient.

    In cases where the message which is to be inscribed on the cake is long or the design of the cake is such that writing is not possible then it will be written on a separate card that will be attached with the cake.

    But in all the above cases the order will be filled to value and no compromise will be made on quality part also.

    Time-bound deliveries

    At certain times, especially in large cities, commuting can take longer than usual due to increasing congestion and traffic. We will make a sincere effort to deliver at the time specified by you. However, we do request you to accommodate deliveries that may take a while longer than usual. For valentines day we cannot assure you time bound delivery. Due to large number of orders it is practically impossible to deliver on time, as deliveries take place throughout the working day on 14th feb we are unable to confirm the exact time we'll be delivering your gift but, rest assured, it's in safe hands.

    We consider the privacy of our customers utmost important. We are in the business of serving you, not selling your information. Your name, address information, and credit card information are collected only to fulfill your order.

    Shopping with us is 100% safe!!

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